Year 2525, Super Race
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​    Welcome to, "Year 2525, Super Race. This website is the beginning of one main race on earth by year, 2525. The reason for this effort is to help stop hate among race and ethnic groups of people. To take part of, Year 2525, Super Race" you have to be born mix of any two different race of people. If your mother or father is of a different race, you are a candidate for, Year 2525, Super Race. If your parents is of the same race, such as mother is of black and white and father is of black and white that disqualified you. To make this one race of people it have to be of many different race of people.
     You can log in,, and give your two races and some detail if you like.I hope to keep record and pass this program down through the ages where millions of people have decided to make one race of people by year 2525. With your email address, you will get a copy of the race you are in; call, "Super Race".                                                                                                                                                                                                             I  also hope to keep this website going through the years or some kind of communication to the world. Please send donation of $10.00 or more by credit card to this website to keep it going and for the many communication that will be needed and much anticipated expense. In return, you will be getting your Certificate with your information you give plus your pitcher, plus update on "Year 2525, Super Race information. and progress of this program.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Warren J. Warren, Founder of, "Year 2525,"Super Race